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Woodmansterne Primary


Year 6

Maple Class: Mrs S Williams (swilliams@wps.org.uk) / Mrs S Snell (ssnell@wps.org.uk

Hawthorn Class: Ms L Maynard (lmaynard@wps.org.uk

End of Year Expectations for Year 6 can be found here.

A glossary of terms used in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar in Primary Schools can be found here.

A suggested Reading List for Years 5 & 6 can be found here.

Autumn 1


Who do you think you are? Are you an extrovert or an introvert, a singleton, a twin or even a triplet?

Let’s discover what makes you… you! From your fingerprints and footprints, genes and DNA, everything is unique to you. So why do you look just like Mum or Dad… or even Auntie Rose? Explore the world of human identity and how our unique features can be used to tell us apart from others or help to solve a crime!

Remember to love being you… Why? Because there’s only one you: you’re one of a kind!

 Homework and spellings for this half term can be found here.

Autumn 2

Fallen Fields

The sun sets on the battlefields of France and a solitary bugle sounds the ‘Last Post’. We will always remember the fallen.

Known as ‘the war to end all wars’ the First World War was a conflict that had a devastating effect on millions of people across the world.

Can you imagine what life was like for families on the Home Front as they waited for news of loved ones who were ‘missing in action’? What started this global tragedy? How was a fragile peace finally achieved?

 Homework and spellings for this half term can be found here.

Spring 1

Frozen Kingdom

Welcome to the planet’s coldest lands….Vast wilds and hostile territories – incredibly beautiful, yet often deadly. Take shelter from the elements or fall prey to icy winds and the deepest chill. Trek bravely and valiantly across the treacherous terrain to the ends of the Earth, treading deep in snow or be pulled by a team of mighty sled dogs.

Research facts and figures of climate, temperature, habitats and ecosystems, and compose evocative poems and writing about the Northern Lights.

So wrap up everyone and settle by the fire. I’m just going outside and may be sometime…

Homework and spellings for this half term can be found here.

Spring 2

Alchemy Island

It’s time to suspend your disbelief and open your mind. We’re going on a magical journey to Alchemy Island.

What if there were a video game version of Alchemy Island? Could you compose a stunning soundtrack to bring this mysterious landscape to life?

Got your suitcase ready? Let the journey begin…..

Homework and spellings for this half term can be found here.

Summer 1


Are you listening, boy? What is 27 plus 45? Come on – faster now; we haven’t got all day!!

Find out about super-strict schools by travelling back in time to a Victorian classroom. Make sure you’re on your best behaviour though, as punishments are unquestionably terrible!

Discover a time when great minds thought new thoughts and ingenious inventors created so many things we take for granted today: the electric light bulb, the telephone and even the first flushing loo!

Full steam ahead to the Victorian age!

Homework and spellings for this half term can be found here.

Summer 2

To be confirmed.