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Woodmansterne Primary

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

As a school and as part of the Bourne Education Trust we are strong supporters of EDI for all of our children, young people, and adults in everything we do. These principles are crucial in supporting our culture and school values; they are also integral to delivering successful learning, teaching and personal development.

As a school we are committed to the ideas and actions set out in the document below and underpin our the Bourne Education Trust strategic plan and our school development plan. At the heart of this plan is an ambition to embed the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion in our culture. This requires a commitment from everyone to take responsibility to embrace these principles and apply them in our daily activities as a community.

Best practice in this area means covering issues across our community in a holistic manner, as well as addressing the specific needs of distinct groups of children, young people, and adults. We believe that this focus on EDI will also bring renewed input to our work in promoting wellbeing, supporting good mental health, and tackling the factors that undermine equality, diversity, and inclusion.

All of this works towards ensuring that everyone within our diverse community feel equally able to achieve their absolute best.

Documents for Further Reading

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